Long Length Bar Stock

Accu-Grind knows that part of giving great service to our customers includes having a wide variety of materials on hand, immediately available for use. With regard to long length and custom bar stock, Accu-Grind has a large variety of materials and grades on hand.  This allows us to reduce the cycle time in manufacturing your replacement or specialty blades, knives and tools.

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Accu-Grind with Specialty Bar Stock up to 20’ in length

As well as high carbon steels, we stock high performance, high speed grade steels which offer high hardness at temperatures up to 500°C along with high wear resistance.  These steels will withstand increases in temperature without losing its temper; enabling tools to cut faster.  Stocks are held in the tungsten molybdenum and cobalt molybdenum high speed steel grades which offer high hardness, excellent cutting properties with high red hardness and good toughness.

Accu-Grind offers a huge selection of both grades and sizes of tool steel in lengths up to 20 feet.  We offer these steels in rounds (3/8 dia. to 12 dia.), flats and squares (1/32 x 1/2 to 4×4)  in a large selection of sizes

  • A-2- Air hardening tool steel containing 5% chromium, replaces oil hardening
  • A-6-Air hardening, non-deforming tool steel
  • D-2-Air hardening, high carbon, high chromium tool steel
  • H-13-5% chromium, hot work tool steel
  • L-6-Oil hardening tool steel with fine grain structure
  • O-1-Oil hardening, low temperature, non-deforming steel
  • O-6-Oil hardening, cold work steel
  • S-5-Oil hardening, silicone-manganese steel of medium carbon content
  • S-7-General purpose air hardening tool steel
  • DC-53-General purpose die and mold steel
  • S-1-Medium carbon tool steel containing tungsten, chromium and vanadium
  • Viscount – 44-Fully heat treated H13 hot work steel
  • P-20-Chrome moly tool steel
  • W-2-Shallow hardened tool steel
  • T420 ESR-Air or oil hardening mold steel
  • M-2-Tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel
  • M-3-Intermediate Molybdenum-carbon high speed steel with increased carbon and vanadium
  • M-4- Molybdenum-carbon high speed steel with increased carbon and vanadium
  • M-42-Molybdenum-cobal high speed steel capable of 70 Rockwell C
  • T-15-Tungsten high speed steel

Keeping a large of stock of a variety of tools steels helps Accu-Grind to offer fast service to its customers.  If we don’t have a specialty steel in stock to meet your needs our engineers know where and how to obtain it quickly.

Accu-Grind’s staff has extensive experience in selecting the most economic tool steel for a variety of applications in many industries.  We can assist you with material selection to meet the performance requirements of your special tooling.