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Accu-Grind is continuously working to provide economical industrial recycling blades to customers that operate in the incredibly difficult operating environment typical of the recycling industry.
Recycling blades, sometimes called granulator blades, are used to recycle most every material chemically known to man. They granulate the material to prepare to recycle it. Granulator blades come as rotors or bed knives. While the rotors spin, the bed knives are stationary that the rotors cut against. Whether you recycle paper, rubber, or plastic; or if you if you granulate, shred, or cut, Accu-Grind can provide the solution for your cutting knife and blade needs. Whether it’s straight, circular or complex shaped blade, we make all kinds of industrial recycling blades and knives.

Accu-Grind Supports a Broad Range of Recycling Blades

Accu-Grind understands recycling blades must be engineered to be shock resistant in nature to minimize the risk of blade breakage and the resulting damage to your recycling equipment. Many industrial recycling blades are manufactured from a special material, known as chipper knife material, which is specifically engineered to resist breaking during the cutting process. Selecting the right industrial blade supplier that can deliver these types of blades is of utmost importance for these organizations to ensure access to the most knowledgeable engineering and production experts when making important blade decisions. Once blade selection is finalized, it is also important to select a vendor that can then continuously meet your organizations need to effectively manage blade inventory across the entire recycling process.

Accu-Grind Helps Ensure Recycling Efficiency

Having equipment tooled with the sharpest plastic granulator blades is fundamental to any organization that process recycling. Having just a blade supplier is not enough. To provide the perfect blade to meet your needs, Accu-Grind examine the characteristics of the items processed by your operation and balance blade geometry, hardness, and metallurgical composition accordingly. We use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our blades, including: high carbon/chrome, special carbon/tool steel, high-speed steel and powdered metals. The best recycling operations maintain a relationship with a strong industrial blade partner that also delivers effective blade sharpening services. When selecting a blade partner make sure they deliver an OEM quality sharpening program for all recycling blades you have in production. Also, ensure all blade related work is performed by a staff of highly skilled operators using specialized CNC controlled industrial knife sharpener equipment designed to meet your defined required tolerances. Meeting these objectives will help ensure continuous operation, at peak efficiency.

Learn How Accu-Grind Can Help Your Recycling Business

Join 100’s of companies that use Accu-Grind as their industrial blade partner, and that benefit from the best quality plastic granulator blades and sharpening service, all at a reasonable cost. Accu-grind understands that the quality of your industrial knife products and ongoing sharpening needs impacts your bottom line directly by increasing your equipment life and production speed. Accu-Grind would love to become your single source recycling blade supplier to meet both your industrial blade purchasing and sharpening needs. Feel free to download our whitepaper to learn 5 important considerations when selecting an industrial blade partner.

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