Precision Machine Vices

Accu-Grind’s customers often look to us to help them improve the efficiency of their operation.  One of the ways that we can help is to provide economically produced blank tooling blocks that are ready for final machining.  Whether this is one side or six sides Accu-Grind’s blanks are produced within a tolerance of .001”.

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Accu-Grind and Blank Tooling Blocks

A machine ready, custom cut and ground blank tooling block saves time and effort. You determine what dimensions and tolerance will best reduce set-up, milling, and machining time for your most important jobs. You pass that need on to us. We deliver flat, square and parallel blanks you can load with the comfort of knowing every piece will be equal.

Our milled blank tooling blocks arrive square, parallel, and ready for finish machining. The milled blanks go from your receiving department to your precision machine vices, saving you set up costs and handling fees. Buy only what you need for your current demand.  No safety stock or inventory is required on your part.

With express service, you can get your blank tooling blocks shipped the same day you place the order so it’s on your dock when and where you need it.  Simply place your blank tool order for up to 10 pieces by 12:00 PM EST, request our express service. We will cut it and ship it to your shop that same day at no additional cost.

We inventory of a wide range of popular  material grades and sizes to permit us to express deliver precision blank tooling blocks in short turn around times.