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The right blade for your wood chipper or commercial planer makes the difference between a clean cut and one with splintered or rough edges. A dull blade must be pushed though the wood causing splintering and eventually becomes so worn that it’s ineffective. Longer blades may also become bent or warped with extended use, which is corrected during the sharpening process. Shorter blades are subject to uneven wear. Our sharpening machines are able to hold a high tolerance and correct the uneven wear while they’re sharpened. A properly sharpened blade also extends the life of your machine and saves energy. Accu-Grind is familiar with the specific sharpening requirements for both wood chippers and commercial planers, and can help meet all your wood processing needs.

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Accu-Grind manufactures custom and off-the-shelf wood cutting knives and blades, made from high quality materials, for most Printing/Converting applications including perforating, guillotine cutting, rewinding and cut off. Our wood industry machine knives and industrial blades for wood cutting and trimming are in straight and circular blades for wood cutting, trimming, binding, slitting, and more. Selecting the right industrial blade provider is of utmost importance to ensure delivery of effective engineering and production support when making important blade decisions. Once blade selection is finalized, it is also important to select a vendor that can then continuously meet your organizations need to manage blade inventory. If needed, organizations should look to work with a blade partner that can support your organization with just-in-time delivery of wood processing blades and knives. In the end, you want to select a blade supplier and service company that can meet all of your objectives across the lifecycle of the industrial wood processing blades in use.

Maintain Blades for High Efficiency

Accu-Grind understands the specific needs of the commercial wood processing industry and lumber industry. We use the appropriate equipment to ensure blades are sharpened to appropriate specifications and provide a clean, splinter free cut. Having just a blade supplier is not enough. The best wood processing organizations maintain a relationship with a strong industrial blade partner that also delivers effective blade sharpening services. When selecting an industrial wood processing blade partner make sure they deliver an OEM quality sharpening program for all industrial wood processing blades you have in production. Also, ensure all blade related work is performed by a staff of highly skilled operators to ensure all your wood processing knives are produced to exacting standards and high tolerances. Accu-Grind provides precision grinding and sharpening services for all your wood chipper and commercial planer needs. Accu-Grind also sharpens commercial planer blades 12-inches in length and longer. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will work with you to be certain you have the sharp blades you need when you need them.

Let Accu-Grind be Your Wood Processing Blade Partner

Join 100’s of companies that use Accu-Grind as their industrial blade partner, and that benefit from the best quality wood processing blades and knives and sharpening service, all at a reasonable cost. Accu-grind understands that the quality of your industrial knife products and ongoing blade sharpening needs impacts your bottom line directly by increasing your equipment life and production speed. Aside from sharpening and standard replacement blade services, Accu-Grind will manufacture virtually any type and shape of custom wood processing knife. Supply us with a drawing, and/ or written specifications for the blade you need and we’ll quickly reply with a quote. Or, we’ll design a specific blade for your application. Accu-Grind would love to become your single source wood blade and knife supplier to meet both your industrial blade purchasing and sharpening needs. Feel free to request a quote to learn how Accu-Grind can help your business today.

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Accu-Grind products are designed for the following wood processing equipment manufacturers: Simonds International, PSM Industries, Atlas Knives, Pilana, and many more.

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